About us

Take control of your electricity bills today with Solar Forever!!!

Solar Forever helps Australians keep a watch on their energy consumption by providing them tailor-made, high quality solar PV systems. Our highly qualified installers and designers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

By investing in tomorrow's technologies today, Solar Forever has positioned itself at the forefront of a major PV revolution. Our customers, our business partners, as well as communities can rely on us to stay there – forever – and imagine not just a brighter future, but work together in creating it too!

Our complete custom-ready solar systems are designed to provide the most cost-effective solar panel installations in the market.

Guaranteeing an energy-secure world to generation next

We are committed to engineering financially viable solar systems and allied solutions for maintaining a clean earth that our children would like to inherit.

Our priority is to make solar panels an important energy source for business and communities, alike.

We do that by making a strong financial and business case for solar systems to our customers.


“To make solar power accessible and affordable to all”

Our Goal

Solar Forever’s goal is to exceed our customers' expectations by offering best in class energy efficient solutions, rendered with professional service and with 24 X 7 customer support, while maintaining the economic viability of each project assigned to us

Provide solar powered solutions even at the remotest locations in Australia to enable easy access and clean power for everyone


To provide highly-efficient solar PV system and energy-efficiency solutions to every Australian home

To spread all-round awareness about the future and sustainability of solar energy

To align our financial and business goals with the phenomenal growth of this sector

To enter into long-term lasting relationship of trust with our customers, our employees, our investors, our business partners, our suppliers, our community and the government functionaries

To ultimately make ourselves more responsible and accountable to the next generation of energy consumers

Key Values

Knowledge and innovation in solar systems as a means for delivering economically viable solar power and guarantying Return on Investment (RoI) over a period to our customers

Promising our customers that by delivering a reliable solar panel system, we can make solar energy a front runner in their energy consumption portfolio

Pursuing cutting-edge engineering techniques, quality products and state-of-the-art technologies in reducing the cost of solar system applications

Making a strong environmental commitment to grid independence by promoting sustainable, extremely efficient solar installers

Developing the integrity, adaptability and transparency of the highest standards in everything that we do, so that the next generation gets to inherit an energy-secure world